Gspot Unit
  • GSTOP® is a Smart Brake Safety Device for Cars, MotorBikes and Vans.
  • GSTOP® is a new and innovative product to the market, that activates under harsh braking conditions.
  • GSTOP® is undetectable, when stationary.
  • GSTOP® adds style and safety to your vehicle.
  • GSTOP®, in its default configuration*, is EU/UK Road Legal. As detailed in ‘European Regulations’ E/ECE/324 E/ECE/TRANS/505.
  • GSTOP® is a device that is available for every driver, no matter the age or type of vehicle – keeping everybody safe on the road.
  • GSTOP® is the smart safety device with smart brake load sensing.
  • Emergency Brake Light Display (EBLD) System.

GSTOP® is a vehicle brake light device that is activated when heavy braking is applied, to warn the
vehicles behind of an impending urgent need to stop, preventing rear end collisions.


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Gstop Unit

GSTOP® is shipped as a ‘Factory Preprogrammed’ unit, and does not support the function of GSTOP® wireless configuration APP

GSTOP® factory pre-set configuration:

  • Icon2x G-Force Triggers preset at 0.6G and 0.8G
  • IconG-Trigger Timers preset at 2.0 and 3.0 seconds
  • IconPulse Frequency preset at 2Hz / 3Hz
GSTOP® Manual

UK/EU Road Legal: E/ECE/324 E/ECE/TRANS/505(in factory configuration)

CE Approved
FCC Exempt CFR47:15.103(a)

Directive WEEE (2002/96/EC) The product is in compliance with the directive WEEE.